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about us

John and Jody Czarniecki founded Czarniecki Construction Inc in 1996 located in Wichita, Kansas. John Czarniecki did it all... seeking work, bidding, labor. You name it, he did it. His wife, Jody, took care of the accounts payables and receivable, while enjoying her time at home with their three children. At that time, interior residential projects were their specialty. After a few years, they switched gears to interior finishes on commercial projects such as hospitals, schools, casinos, colleges, corporate offices, lodges, and banks to name a few. Installation of Divisions 6, 8 and 10 were their prime focus. After multiple years and many drawbacks of material delays from suppliers, Czarniecki Construction Inc, established Czarniecki Materials to become their own supplier. This has proven to be very effective in keeping projects on schedule.

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